We are thrilled to see schools joining the Project KIN family!

Are you a principal, teacher, chaplain, parent or student who’d like to see your school become Local Hands for Future Change?

Project KIN offers a powerful opportunity to have your entire school (prep-12) support the work we do- from fundraising, to the making of dolls – right through to seeing packs gifted in your school’s local community! 

We provide all the resources you’ll need, including fundraising ideas, patterns, colouring competitions, prizes and assembly videos. 

You’ll see this project become an active mission with strong local impact, teaching children about gift giving and supporting children in need. 

We believe today’s children are the answers to change tomorrow. Do you?

Contact us today to find out more          maryann@projectkin.org

“Alisha is so proud of her creation. He is the first doll made by the school. It’s a real buzz in the classroom at the moment. The atmosphere is full of excitement and anticipation. The enthusiasm is infectious. So much fun!”

(Sheree, Textiles Teacher)

I was challenged by Maryann from Project KIN to make a doll. It was heaps of fun joining the year 9 textiles class to have them teach me! Now I’m super pumped to see it get distributed to local children in need.”

(Mark, School Chaplain)